Remote Edit

Video editing on location, no matter where!

In the past years, we have performed Remote Editing jobs for News and Sports TV events. But our service is also available for your corporate videoproduction. We can start editing on location at y9our event or office, directly after filming. The greatest advantage is that decision-makers can join in whenever it suits them, without the need to travel, and approve the edit on the spot. This saves time, and can be fun and inspirational. We can deliver fast… very fast. At times, we have delivered and played-out an edit on national TV from our portable edit-set 15 minutes after the event had finished.

Our portable edit sets can deliver basic editing of footage, shot on location. Up to live ingest and playout to broadcast trucks, satellite uplinks or webcast productions. Check this case we did some years ago for the dutch national television together with Multi-Link Holland at a plane crash site near Amsterdam.