Where the goals are scored at the major tournaments!
This app represents the GOALS worldwide.

Goal App
The Goal-App concept is available for branding!

The Goal! App appeared in the iTunes App store in 2010 during the FIFA Worldcup 2010. The App became very populair, even though people had to pay for it. Worldwide people bought it and used it... even in Irak the button was touched!

At this moment we have 24 versions in the iTunes Appstore.
Because it is a so called 'fun app' the app is not loaded with functions. It's just to show your happiness when your team scores.
You moment can be shared on the Google map and by Twitter.
So everybody will know your team scored.
It is that simple!
Branding is possible, by for example a team sponsor or any company that wants to get extra attention during for example the World Cup 2014. You can give the app away for free. It can attract more people to a specific brand-website. We can advise you to gain maximum conversion. It will give users a feeling of being closer to the sponsor and brand and it is always positive for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).. (the search results).

Changing all graphics, or adding extra info, graphics and/or functions are of course always possible!

Ask us about the possibilities by filling in
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