The start.

A new website of Connecting Media, and with it, we introduce a blog about our company and about us. Just to explain and share, what is behind our productions and adventures, to keep a close connection with those who know us or want to learn to know us.

About 20 years ago a client ask me, "Can you make a website?". I asked him, „What's that?". He explained.... " It is something with a computer". I answered , "Than we can help you".

I contacted my friend Michiel who studied 'Interaction Design' at the Utrecht School or Arts at that time. He told me had had some lessons on school in this web-thing called HTML.

That's how Michiel and I started our company Connecting Media. From that day on, we made a lot websites, video’s music productions and online solutions, and we started to run our own server at an Internet xchange.

Since then, we rolled into other specific types of productions, close connected to our core. Music, Video and technology. Connecting Media has always been a real Cross-media company. We even started some offices in Brazil over the past years. I am proud of what we all achieved since that first question, but we’re never satisfied!

Let's go for another 15 years.

René Schaap - Managing director Connecting Media Brasil