Interactive Hybrid Webcast

Since 1999 Connecting Media has experience with live webcasting from location, and since that time we added more and more interactivity to these live transmissions.

Through our Interactive webcast solutions, you can communicate with your customers, Live! We have various so-called 'modules' available for this. Think of a website for your event in your house style where the video stream, PowerPoint slides and live chat are housed. Polls or questions can easily be added.

This can also be done live in various languages, we can provide live streams with multiple languages using live remote translators, but our modules are also multilingual. This way you can address your customers in their own language at an international event.

Our solutions work closely with online platforms such as YouTube (White Labeled), Facebook Live (White Labeled), LinkedIN, Vimeo, Twitch , Twitter , Instagram , ZOOM , Hopin , Microsoft Teams, facebook Workplace , Streamyard , Bizzabo of Cisco Webex.

Interactive webcast solutions:
One or more HD/4K cameras
One or more audio sources
One live stream
Hosting of the LiveStream
Variety of webcast modules

Below the menu Streaming on our site you will find a separate page for each module.